About Us

McKon Design is a US manufacturer of handbags and leather accessories owned by Ara Melkonian. Ara is a seasoned veteran of the handbag industry with more than 35 years of experience. He has worked with several well known designers and established brands and has built a reputation of quality, craftsmanship and loyalty to his customers. Ara is known for handcrafting beautiful bags in whatever material clients dream collection is comprised of. Whether vegan leather, genuine leather or upcycled materials (billboards, repurposed military uniforms and old garments) he brings his client's sketches  to reality...all proudly made in the USA. In addition to Manufacturing and Sample Making, McKon Design has there own private label that you can shop here.
Whether you are in the early stages of a collection and need one sample or are a more established designer looking for production, Ara makes the process seamless, easy and enjoyable.  
Private Label: McKon Design
McKon Design is the private label collection that Ara designs, makes and sells. McKon Design is known for quality, craftsmanship and unique silhouettes and color combinations that are sure to add the perfect touch to your personal style. 
Luxury Handbag Restoration & Repairs
Ara also has the ability to restore and repair your luxury bags, belts and other accessories that need to be touched-up. Linings can be replaced, zippers can be fixed and signs of age and wear can all be mended so your beautiful bags end up looking like new!
Student Specials
The fashion industry can be a difficult world to navigate as a student and not to mention, some factories in the NYC area charge astronomical prices for samples, school projects and more. Ara is aware of the need to provide his services to this important sector and will work with students to create samples or small productions that fit their needs and budget.